10 challenges faced by marketers and how to overcome them

Are you a marketer? Well, I have some bad news for you.  

You are wasting up to 234 working hours per year. Say what? How??

Just think back to all those times you sat duck waiting for your Google Analytics data, your Google Ads report, your Facebook Ads report, and so on. That’s how. 

Think about the amount of time you could have saved while you waited for all those reports and data, the extra money that you could have made. Oof!

I feel you. And that is precisely why I am going to reveal to you how to stop wasting time and get more productive. Yeah, more money too. But first, you need to install Akiflow. Only then you will be able to follow along.

How can Akiflow help you?

  • Google Ads

If you find Google Ads super slow to load, you should use Akiflow. 

We have all been there, sometimes you just need to take a quick look ar your spending or the campaign you are running but you need to go through several steps to get there. Annoying. And don’t even get me started on the ads they disapprove!

Anyways, if you use Akiflow you are just a click from seeing how much your campaign has cost you, the cost per conversion, and more.

Time it takes = 3 mins per report

  • Conversion rates

Your marketing campaign is a success only if you have an adequate conversion rate to back your claim.

As a marketer, traffic is of no value when you don’t have enough conversion rates. Poor conversion rates indicate that your landing page is not very convincing for customers to buy your product. So, conversion rates can’t be ignored, and need to be constantly monitored.

To monitor conversion rates, Akiflow allows you to integrate Google Analytics. This leaves your conversion rates a mere click away.

Time it takes = 3 mins

  • Instant Access

If you are a Manager and have a bunch of marketers working under you, you will love Akiflow.

As a manager, you already have your plate full and don’t have enough time. So, you need the fastest solution available to check the weekly/monthly data report from your marketers.

Here, Akiflow keeps your access to your client or product performance on Google Analytics, Facebook and Google Ads, a click away.

Time it takes = 3 mins per report

  • Working Remote

Working from home is our new reality. While this has a number of pros, the cons cannot be ignored.

The sheer number of calls and meetings that you have scheduled for each day is mind-boggling. Oh and let’s not forget the different apps that each of the calls is scheduled in. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and whatnot.

Don’t worry though, Akiflow keeps track of everything for you. Just open Akiflow it will suggest your next call as its first result. Meetings on Google Meet can be scheduled directly from Akiflow as well.

Time it takes = 1 min

  • Establishing contact

Second to meetings, inboxes are the ones we often struggle to manage. So many emails, that opening your inbox is sometimes like opening pandora’s box.

However, emails are crucial. They are the point of contact between you and your customer. And customers generally appreciate it when you respond, which is why being in touch with your customers can make a HUGE difference.

This is the reason Akiflow helps you keep in touch with your customers. You can write and search emails directly from Akiflow, without having to switch accounts or tabs.

Time it takes = 1 min

  • Planning and Managing

Marketers are people who always have multiple things going on at the same time. They are born multitaskers.

Multiple campaigns, different projects, and a list of to-do tasks are not uncommon in the lives of marketers. Subsequently, recording one’s progress in all these areas can become challenging. Marketers usually acquire the help of apps like Trello, Asana, etc. for following up on their progress.

With in-built access to Trello and Asana, Akiflow allows the connected users to instantly find their tasks on these apps.

Time it takes = 5 mins

  • Website Traffic

Followed by conversion rates, website traffic plays a key role in marketing campaigns.

There is no point in worrying about conversion rates if your website has a meager amount of traffic. Thereby, many marketers make it a routine to check their client website’s traffic first thing in the morning. Normally, this involves having 4 tabs open and floundering about. But, Akiflow can change this.

Akiflow can find all this information with one click. 

Time it takes = 7 mins per morning report

  • Searching

How much time do you spending looking for files on google drive? Or, looking for project information? 

In a report made by Asana, they said people spend at least 60% of their time to work about work i.e. looking for information… yeah, so stop wasting time! 

With Akiflow you get an active global search. Simply type in what you are looking for, and we will suggest it for you.

Time it takes = >1 min

  • Collaborate 

Marketing is not a one-man job. It is a collective effort that involves different professions from content writers to graphic designers.

This means that everyone has to work together and be on the same page.

Shared workspaces like Dropbox can be connected to Akiflow and make it easy to collaborate.

Time it takes = Depends on your work

  • Unseen challenges

Don’t find your challenge listed here? 

Let us know, we can help!

Akiflow gives you the option of web app integration on-demand. So, if there is any new feature or app that you think would help you work faster, use Akiflow’s “Feedback” to let us know. 

You ask, we listen! It’s the Akiflow promise.