Anthony Trollope

Anthony Trollope’s 15-minute routine is the personal productivity method of the literary giant, Trollope himself.

15 minutes, is that all it takes? Yep.

Anthony Trollope claims that he wrote in small 15-minute intervals for 3 hours, every day, which helped him write over 10 pages a day. Trollope managed to write about 47 novels in his life, not including his plays and nonfiction. On top of it, he was a civil servant as well. Trollope explains how he pulled off two careers in his autobiography.

Trollope’s routine, like the Pomodoro technique, lays emphasis on breaking a task into little pieces of action and executing them. But, instead of focusing on the bigger picture, this routine stresses the process, or on completing the small tasks. 

Hey, the small victories matter too! Often, these small victories give you a sense of accomplishment to continue.

To triumphantly follow his routine, Trollope gives us some pointers, which are to:

  • Ask someone to keep you accountable

“An old groom, whose business it was to call me, and to whom I paid £5 a year extra for the duty, allowed himself no mercy. During all those years at Waltham Cross he never was once late with the coffee which it was his duty to bring me.” – Autobiography, Anthony Trollope

Yeah, appoint a proctor.

  • Keep track of your progress

“When I have commenced a new book, I have always prepared a diary, divided into weeks, and carried on for the period which I have allowed myself for the completion of the work.” – Autobiography, Anthony Trollope

Following up is a must.

  • Consistency is key

“A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules. It is the tortoise which always catches the hare.”– Autobiography, Anthony Trollope

Better make it a habit!

Trollope could write around 250 words in 15-minutes, how much can you get done in 15-minutes? Your time starts now!