Facebook Ads | Report

Do you check multiple times a day if your ads on Facebook are spending? If they are still active?

Or, do you want just to check how much you spent on Facebook last 7 days without waiting 2 minutes to load Facebook Business Manager?

Checking your spending on Facebook Ads with Akiflow is faster like never before, how?
Connect your Facebook account to Akiflow. With that done, Akiflow grants you instant access to your reports on Facebook Ads.

Given below are the steps you need to follow to view your report:

  1. Open Akiflow (mac/windows}
  2. Type “Ads”
  3. Select “Facebook Ads” or use the shortcut Cmd/Ctrl+2
  4. Insert the name of the account you want to check, the date range, and if you want to check only one campaign or all of them (select All Campaigns)

PRO USERS: You can just open Akiflow, insert the name of the Facebook account you want to check, and select it.

Here, have your report!

Some of the Features You Can’t Miss in Akiflow: